The Weekly Top 10 DEV Articles You Should Read

1- How to Freaking Find Great Developers By Having Them Read Code

Special coding skills are not the only thing to probe for in interviews. Domain knowledge and cultural fit are important, however, reading does a great job weeding out candidates who do not fit where it counts the most. (15/04/2022)

2- How we lost 54k GitHub stars

The sad story of losing 54k GitHub stars by making a repository private. (14/04/2022)

3- Inside the making of the Azure SDK management libraries

How is the Azure SDK generated? What’s the difference between a cloud SDK and a traditional SDK? Let’s start our journey! (15/04/2022)

4- Google Natural Language API — Google NLP Project with Python

Google offers a powerful cloud-based API to extract insights from unstructured data. Analyze syntactic and semantic components of the text. Extract information about people, places, events, and more (17/04/2022).

5- Top 6 JavaScript ES12 Features You Should Use 

Every JavaScript developer eager to perform at their best should learn the latest features of ES12. In this blog, we’ll look into the top six features with examples. (18/04/2022)

6- A Message Queue in Shell

Explore the common pitfall while implementing the well-known Queue pattern in Shell script (17/04/2022)

7- Nobody Wants your Fancy Algorithm

The satellite imagery industry still has no idea what customers actually want (18/04/2022)

8- Monitoring My Garage Door With a Raspberry Pi, Rust, and a 13Mb Linux System

Let’s build a monitor that sends an alert via Mattermost when the door has been left open for more than 5 minutes. Monitoring application implemented in Rust, with a stripped-down Linux image to run it.

9- The absurd complexity of server-side rendering

It was decided that the applications first forged for the browser would also run on the server. We would render our HTML using the same logic on the server and the browser and reap the advantages of both worlds. In a confusing series of events, a name for this approach was agreed upon: Server-side rendering. What could go wrong? (19/04/2022)

10- Practising Programming

In programming, we have only a haphazard notion of how one should go about obtaining sufficient technique to become good enough to write good software; and we have almost no notion of continued practice to maintain or expand that technique. (20/04/2022)